fixing - 20 erros code base errors
Posted by Lloyd Jansen on 08-05-2014 10:40 AM

Steps to fix.

1. Turn off bpro application on all machines
2. find all xml0000.dbt and and dbf on c:\coen (Server)
3. move these files to another folder
4. start up bpro on server first
5. start up brpo on slaves second.

Error Number: -20

Unable to create file

Possible Cause #1
The specified file already exists.
By default, when CodeBase attempts to create a data, index, or memo file, it does not over-write any existing file
of the same name, and instead returns an error. This default behavior is specified by the value contained in the member variable, which is set to 1 by default. To create a file if one by the same name already exists,
set to 0. See the example for in the Reference Guide.

Possible Cause #2
CodeBase ran out of valid file handles.
Stand-alone 16-bit C/C++ applications
By default, only 20 file handles are available to 16-bit applications at any one time, regardless of the settings in
CONFIG.SYS. Five of these handles are used by default devices such as STDOUT, STDPRN, etc. This leaves 15 file
handles available for the application. Opening one data file can use up to three handles if there is also an
associated index and memo file. To overcome this limitation, refer to the CodeBase COMPILER.TXT file, found in the
CodeBase compiler directory for your compiler (e.g. \MSC15). If the outlined procedure is not satisfactory, contact
the maker of your compiler. It is important to understand that this limitation is due to both the operating system
and the compiler, not CodeBase.

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