Phototeller Licenses
Posted by Lloyd Jansen on 25-02-2014 05:48 PM

There are two basic types of licenses: A phototeller kiosk license and a DCM license

The phototeller kiosk license usually comes on a blue usb dongle or a printer port dongle and requires a once off payment for that license

The DCM license usually comes on a brown usb dongle and requires a �pay as you go� license. Eg. credit is taken off the license for certain jobs and you will continually need to top up this credit

Phototeller can run without a license however jobs get sent through as encrypted to the share folder under the unlicensed folder (eg.c:/ceon/digital images/unlicensed) and the jobs will show up as �zipped file� in the details field on the DCM screen. The only way to complete these jobs is through a licensed DCM machine which has enough credit available. When you tick the job to complete, credit is taken off the DCM license and the job gets unencrypted and printed out.

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