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Mac Error Codes
Posted by Lloyd Jansen on 24-04-2014 11:52 AM

MAC-01 Machine does not have a dongle.
MAC-02 Machine unable to make connection to internet after required number of days.
MAC-03 Machine no longer in service.
MAC-04 Error caused from logged error in the MACHINE_ERROR_LOG table. See MACHINE_ERROR_LOG table for more information.
MAC-05 Service call to check machine status failed (3 times).
MAC-06 Unable to connect to local machine database
MAC-07 Unable to download skin data
MAC-09 Unable to download machine settings data
MAC-10 Unable to download general settings data
MAC-11 Unable to download translation data
MAC-12 Minimum storage space requirement on kiosk depleted
MAC-13 Profile data not setup correctly or is incomplete.
MAC-14 Unable to set order or read from database to finalise order.
MAC-15 Unable to download config file.
MAC-16 Unable to connect to the IKT
MAC-17 Required graphics files for Kiosk functioning are missing
MAC-18 Invalid dongle detected. A new dongle has replaced the detected dongle for a specified machine
MAC-19 Database restructuring failed
MAC-20 Dongle has already been attached to another machine
MAC-21 Incompatible versions between IKT and Imagine Kiosk
MAC-22 APP_UPDATE_PHP isn't set up correctly
MAC-23 Incompatible versions between Imagine Kiosk and Imagine Styles
MAC-24 IK Temp Version cannot update to R2
MAC-25 Data updates could not be performed after application update. UpdateService failed (update xml failed to download).
MAC-26 Local data is not compatible with the application version you are currently running as it fails to meet the minimum application version required. Check the log table for more information.
MAC-27 Error occurred while writing the machine id to the dongle.
MAC-28 Error occurred while saving profiles to the online database.
MAC-29 Error occurred getting available storage space.
MAC-30 Error occurred getting dongle information
MAC-31 Unable to install IK upgrade because Air runtime upgrade failed
MAC-32 Invalid core version number
MAC-33 Unable to read connection file to get domain value. File might be missing or corrupted.
MAC-34 Domain is invalid

MAC-35 Local data core version is not compatible application core version you are currently running.

MAC-36 Embedded application font download failed

MAC-37 Config Format is invalid

MAC-38 Scren Template MAIN_TEMPLATE is missing.  Application won't be able to run without this

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