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I have a multi-store environment and there are specific stock items not showing on the database of one of the stores when its checked on HO.
Posted by Lloyd Jansen on 25-02-2014 05:29 PM

Steps to check:



1- Do a branch search by pressing F11: See if the stock shows for all the other branches except the suspect branch

2- Do stock search on the HO database and make sure the stock is seen in the HO database

3- Run �select * from stock where prod_no=�SUSPECT STOCK ITEM� on both HO database and store database (should be found at HO and not at store DB)


If in step 1 you have a result for each branch except the suspect branch, step 2 you can locate this stock line at HO, step 3 you can find that stock line via query when running it on HO database but you cant find it when looking into the branches database then the solution is:


HO main menu� multiple store� synchronize global records�select suspect store and then let it load, once loaded click on fix stock and that should do it, make sure data manager is running on both sites and give it some time.


Example: FOSSIL AUSTRALIA , ticket ID: 3140

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