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Release Notes Version 9
Posted by Diana Parana on 06-03-2015 03:35 PM

[IMA-4029] - Irrelevant message box appears on a normal book when we try to apply borders and that could not be closed – FUSION TICKET 1782

An issue was raised where an irrelevant message box would appear when apply borders on photobooks and users could not close it off and proceed with their creation/order.  

This has been resolved. 


[IMA-4180] - Promotions - When promotions are applied, output console crashes job – FUSION TICKET 1655

An issue was raised where output console was not able to create a jobs’ info.xml therefore making it crash when a promotion is being applied.  

This has been resolved.


[IMA-4355] - Digital Prints Navigation - Group level issue & [IMA-4406] - FFUK R8.1 Trial Site Kiosk Issues: Pre-loader stuck when navigating forward and back between print size selection screen – FUSION TICKET 1821

An issue was raised where frontend will display products not assigned in a group level when navigating back and forth.  

This has been resolved.


[IMA-4381] - FFAU Guest ID in XML data instead of CUSTOMER ID – FUSION TICKET 1773

An issue was raised where image links identified in the job xml was using a guest customer id and caused.  This situation seems to only occur where users would initially start off as a guest user, loads images then decides to log onto their existing imagine account.

This has now been resolved.


[IMA-4392] - Add photos - Text to display no pictures selected needs rewording. – FUSION TICKET 1857

The wording seen on the Add Photos screen has been amended to read as follows

 No pictures selected. 

To select pictures, choose an album and click on the pictures you wish to use.


[IMA-4409] - Trying to apply auto correct to imagine will result in error message "Issue has been encountered while generating a preview of the auto correct filter" – FUSION TICKET 1825

An issue was raised where an error message would appear when apply auto correct to an image.  

This has now been resolved.


[IMA-4412] - Borders are not saved for some photos in photo book – FUSION TICKET 1797 & 1826

An issue was raised where borders that were being applied on photobooks were not being saved at all.

This has now been resolved.


[IMA-4346] - Add pickup time to receipt xml for Just Photos – FUSION TICKET 1572

A request was forwarded to add the pickup time field to receipts.

This has been completed.


[IMA-3487] - Retailer is receiving guest mobile emails. – FUSION TICKET 1228

An issue was raised where retailers would receive the guest mobile email each time a customer registers as an imagine customer.

This has been resolved.


[IMA-3920] - Phaser - Unable to print for more than 1 card – FUSION TICKET 1437

Using a Phaser Printer Link, users will now be able to print jobs where the set quantity is more than 1.


[IMA-4184] - Admin Tool Time out when pushing updates to ASDA – FUSION TICKET 1562

An issue was raised where Admintool times out when pushing through all service updates against all stores.

This has been resolved.


[IMA-4335] - Session timeout when trying to log in and save phone number on kiosk – FUSION TICKET 1711

An issue was raised where a user’s session would time out when updating their details – specifically their phone number – on a kiosk after logging into their account.

This has been resolved.


[IMA-4363] - Some kiosks fail to read certain SD cards in Denmark – FUSION TICKET 1758

An issue was raised where some kiosks failed to read certain SD cards

This has been resolved.


[IMA-4417] - Random images appear in the "Sample Images"- FUSION TICKET 1833

As issue was raised where random images would appear on the sample images page

This has been resolved.


[IMA-4424] - Freezing in Express mode when using large amounts of images – FUSION TICKET 1866

An issue was raised where the IK would freeze when switching on the express prints mode on a kiosk profile.

This has been resolved.


[IMA-4425] - Eway Payment changing prices causing mass problems at Photocreate

An issue was raised where Eway payments where incorrect after promotions were applied against orders.

This has been resolved.


[IMA-4431] - Calendar Grid value <grid_background_alpha> is NaN and not crashing on OC – FUSION TICKET 1799

An issue was raised where some calendar jobs would obtain a white grid during output

This has been resolved.


[IMA-4435] - FrontEnd Kiosk freeze when upgrading to 8.1.073 – FUSION TICKET 1870

An issue was raised where frontend Kiosk would freeze during an upgrade.

This has been resolved.


[IMA-4437] - Password Request Email by code: Not using correct user group name in email body – FUSION TICKET 1791

An issue was raised where the incorrect email was being sent when tyring to retrieve a password recovery.

This has been resolved.


[IMA-4476] - Yearly calendar is asking for the starting month – FUSION TICKET 1879

An issue was raised where users were being prompted to select a starting month when creating a yearly calendar.

This has been resolved.

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