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*Urgent Attention Required* - Imagine Kiosk Required Upgrade to 10.1 Notice
Posted by Carlos Gonzalez on 10-12-2015 09:21 PM



Whitech have completed our 2015 upgrade rollout with the release of 10.1 to all entities world wide. As you would be well aware, our upgrade process will always force the "Online Imagine Website" to the latest released version, however it is possible for your kiosks to continue to run on older legacy versions of Imagine Kiosk.

We would like to bring urgent notice to you that everyone world wide are now required to upgrade all your Imagine Kiosks to a minimum version of 10.1. This action is required due to the expiry of the Imagine Kiosk Code Signing Certificate. This happens every 3 years and is unavoidable.

Code signing certificates are the method of using a certificate-based digital signature to sign Imagine Kiosk executables and scripts in order to verify the author's identity as being Whitech Pty Ltd and ensure that the code has not been changed or corrupted since it was signed by Whitech.

 Any currently installed versions of Imagine Kiosk you may have on the field using version 9.9 or earlier are installed with an old and expired code signing. These kiosks must be upgraded to 10.1 at your earliest convienence.

Below are some answers to some questions you may have..........




What will upgrading Imagine Kiosk to 10.1 accomplish?

Upgrading to 10.1 will effectively upgrade your Imagine Kiosk executables which contain new code signed signatures. When the upgrade is pushed, a silent certificate migration is performed.

Is it possible to keep Imagine Kiosk versions 9.9 or earlier and upgrade our code signing signature alone?

Unfortunately this is not an option.

What is the deadline to upgrade all my kiosks?

You fortunately have some time. Please plan to have all your kiosks upgraded to 10.1 by January 22nd, 2016. We recommend giving yourself some time before this deadline to protect any clients that may have had any issues with their installation.

What will happen to my Imagine Kiosks if I do not upgrade in time?

The kiosks will continue operate as per normal however the next time you attempt to push an automatic upgrade from your servers, the process will fail. If this happens, you can still upgrade a stores kiosks (and DCM) however the process will need to be done manually which would be very time consuming and inconvinient.

I have already upgraded some or all of my Imagine Kiosks to 10.1, do I need to upgrade them again?

No, if you have already upgraded to 10.1, your work for this is already done. :)

If you have any questions or issues which are not addressed above, please open a Fusion ticket and one of our staff will assist you as required.

Thank you and Regards.

~Whitech Support Team



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