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We would like to bring urgent notice to you that every entity world wide are now required to upgrade all your Imagine Kiosks to the latest version of kiosk for your current core version by September 28th 2017! This action is required due to the expiry of the Adobe Air Code Signing Certificate for Imagine Kiosk. This happens every 2-3 years and is unavoidable. 

The list of the imagine kiosk upgrades required for each core version is below. Please note that you only need to upgrade to the latest version kiosk of the current core version you have currently dispatched. For example if your  kiosk version is 11.9.189, you only need to upgrade to kiosk version 11.9.205. You do not need to upgrade to another core version.


  • Latest 11.9 version - 11.9.205
  • Latest 12.1 version - 12.1.075
  • Latest 12.3 version - 12.3.079
  • Latest 12.4 version - 12.4.109
  • Latest 12.6 version - 12.6.065
  • Latest 12,7 version - 12.7.049


For your awareness - a Code signing certificates is the method of using a certificate-based digital signature to sign Imagine Kiosk executable and scripts in order to verify the author's identity as truly being Whitech Pty Ltd and ensure that the code has not been changed or corrupted since it was signed by Whitech as a matter of security.

Please take this action seriously and plan accordingly over the next 4 weeks. We have made the new code signing certificate available in older versions to allow for a speedy distribution as they include no app code changes other than the addition of the certificate. 

If the upgrade is not complete by the end of September, you will have kiosks that will no longer be able to auto upgrade. This will likely require manual installation of the next future upgrade pushed out by remote access or having an onsite tech at retailers cost. This should be avoided.

Below are some answers to some questions you may have..........




What will upgrading Imagine Kiosk to the latest version of my current core version accomplish?

Upgrading will effectively upgrade your Imagine Kiosk executables which contain new code signed signatures. When the upgrade is pushed, a silent certificate migration is performed. There will be no other changes added to this latest version push. 

Is it possible to keep Imagine Kiosk versions as they are and upgrade our code signing signature alone?

Unfortunately this is not an option.

What is the deadline to upgrade all my kiosks?

September 28th 2017!

What will happen to my Imagine Kiosks if I do not upgrade in time?

The kiosks will continue operate as per normal however the next time you attempt to push an automatic upgrade from your servers, the process will fail. If this happens, you can still upgrade a stores kiosks (and DCM) however the process will need to be done manually which would be very time consuming and inconvenient to yourself and your retailers. If you need to send a tech out, you will have additional costs as well

I have already upgraded some or all of my Imagine Kiosks to core version 15, do I need to upgrade them again?

No, if you have already upgraded to 15.0, your work for this is already done as the latest 15.0 versions of Imagine Kiosk also have the new code signing certificate already built in :). If you do not have version 15, this is fine, you simply have to upgrade to the latest version of your current distributed core version. See list provided earlier in this email.

If you have any questions or issues which are not addressed above, please open a Fusion ticket and one of our staff will assist you as required.

Thank you and Regards.

~Whitech Support Team


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